American Best Live TV Show 2011

Top Shows American TV 2011

So they are the best American TV shows that you must see this season? There is also some kind of difficulty in choosing a good show, because there are so many programs on the network. The year 2011 will be remembered forever, because this is the year in which talk show queen bids farewell to television audiences worldwide. The Oprah Winfrey Show ends on May 25, Oprah will now concentrate on his new channel. It is true that we will lose one of the most iconic shows of all time, but every beginning has an end and every end brings a new beginning. Here are some of the best TV shows of America 2011, you can see and enjoy.

The Mentalist, CBS
At this point, the show is in its third season and the way it is happening, I have to say it is entertaining and intelligent. The show revolves around Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a mentalist who uses his extraordinary cunning to solve crimes. Why solve crimes? He is a consultant for the CBI and helps them fight the villains. The show is witty, fun and exciting. The cast and crew of The Mentalist has received numerous awards and accolades and Mr. Jane has already been voted the favorite crime fighter of the year.

Glee, Fox
Since its debut in 2009, Glee has been one of the most acclaimed television critically and commercially successful American in the world. The plot revolves around a group of high school students and their love of music and dance. Glee is a very unusual television and many critics thought it would be very boring, but to everyone's surprise Glee was an amazing success and continues to dominate TV ratings.

Off The Map, ABC
From the creators of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, off the map is a story of good doctors who have been abandoned in the jungle to save lives. Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson) plays the guy who established the clinic and Dr. Lily Brenner (Caroline Dhavernas) and his efficient team of doctors try to save lives in a South American jungle, where people have not heard the term " humanity ".

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC

One of the most popular talk shows on American television, The Ellen DeGeneres Show not only loved by women but also men. Ellen DeGeneres is the most entertaining presenter I've ever seen. Launched in 2003, this program continues to govern chat in ratings during the day and is one of the best comedy TV shows to watch. The show consists of music, love, celebrity interviews and a lot of Ellen. Keep on dancing!

American Idol, Fox

It's a show that is not only a fad in the U.S. but also throughout the world. From the beginning of the show in 2002, American Idol has been the most influential program in U.S. television history. The search for the new American Idol begins each year in which millions of people in the hearing and show their singing talent. Judges Randy Jackson (2002-present), Paula Abdul (2002-2009), Simon Cowell (2002-2010), Ellen DeGeneres (2010), Jennifer Lopez (2011-present) Steven Tyler (2011-present) do the hard work selection of some of the best singers and give them the opportunity to be an American Idol.

Family Guy, Fox
Do not ask me why Family Guy is a popular television show that has bad words, they make jokes about important issues around our planet and the family is dysfunctional. However, it is one of the most hilarious shows on television and I guarantee that you will not stop laughing when you see it. The series was canceled in the middle, however, the immense popularity and the cult after Fox executives did bring the show back and according to reports, the show is renewed through 2015.