Antique Jewelry Cleaning Steps

An Antique piece of jewelry is very valuable to you. It is not only monetary value but also the emotional value attached to it. If it's your own collection or inherited him feel a little possessive. Like it or not, tends to lose its luster over time if not cleaned and stored. When you find your antique jewelry has become boring and monotonous, was disappointed. Do not worry you will be able to restore its luster following certain rules in cleaning and caring for antique jewelry.
Antique Jewelry Cleaning Steps

Steps to clean antique jewelry

They tend to delay cleaning antique jewelry as you feel that cleaning can damage it. But the truth is that old jewelry cleaning is easy. Some valuable steps in this direction are:

Step # 1: The loosely bound dust and dirt particles in the jewelry can cause scratches on its surface. You have to remove it carefully. A soft toothbrush is the best tool for this job, as it can get to the curves of the intricate designs. Move the toothbrush in the jewelry with smooth to prevent scratching.

Step # 2: If you opt for the commercial cleaning products of jewelry, then you should read the label carefully before buying. You must select a product in a way that does not contain alcohol, ammonia or acids as these ingredients are too strong for jewelry. Another thing you should know is that all products can not be used in all types of jewelry. For example, you can use a product for gold jewelry pearls. By using the product, you should always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Step # 3: If you prefer, you can safely use regular cleaning of the window of the antique jewelry. Take a piece of clean soft cloth and a little window cleaner spray on it. Now, rub the damp cloth in the jewelry lightly to clean the dirt on them. Never spray the cleaner directly on the jewelry. No need to put the jewelry with water after use window cleaner on it.

Step 4: After cleaning your jewelry, left untouched for at least an hour of air drying. Any residual moisture left on the surface of metals can stain jewelry and precious stones. On the other hand, spring hooks and jewelry can get damaged due to prolonged exposure to moisture. When fully dry, rub the jewelry with a cloth before storing.

Step # 5: If you use antique jewelry on a regular basis, you must clean up after each week or two. However, if you use them from time to time on special occasions only, then only cleans before and after use.