Wedding Inspired Jewelry

Wedding vintage inspired jewelry

So everything is in place - the place, the guest list, decorations, a statue of ice, flowers, curtains, stage, band, wedding dress, shoes, rings, everything. All that remains to be seen is the wedding jewelry. You've done several tests, even looked at the designs of his friend's niece who calls you. They all look good, but that's about the look - good. None of them meets the eye! So what to do? Well, have you considered wedding vintage-inspired jewelry? If ... Mia Thermopolis be true! Check out some of the ideas below.

The earrings
Chandelier earrings are the way to go! If your earrings are longer than wide, can be combined with a suitable neck piece. If instead of the more elaborate earrings, do not take the whole piece neck. Let the contour of her neck show-off! A change may be good to go to tacos largest chandelier earrings. They look impressive with a maximum of tasks hair styles. It would be great if you have a top rather than a range. The good news is that the big horses that can be used with or without neck piece ... are equally beautiful in any way.

The necklace

Chokers find a furor wide neck dresses or wide. Even look lovely on strapless necklines, or a bunch of neck type. If you like pearls, a necklace of 3 or 4 layers with a pendant in the center would be enough for you. Thinking in flowers and jewelry when you think of the vintage bridal jewelry. Jewelry then it was supposed to be elegant and delicate - it was delivered and luxury. Be sure not to lose that essence.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are used in the old days than they are now, and were much nicer then too! Go for a hair fascinating, if not going to wear a veil. If you plan to wear a veil, you can instead opt for a comb clip. You can design a stone studded comb clip and coordinate the design of the caliper with the remaining jewels used. A comb clip can also help take off the look of simple or single rings, while a fascinating - well, it must be fascinating! You can even choose to wear jewelry clip hair if you do not like the idea of ​​a comb clip. However, personally, I'd recommend a comb clip, has a vintage feel that is unmistakable.

A bracelet

A bracelet is very, very important for a bride to see everybody in his hands as he walked down the aisle with the bouquet of the bride! Be sure to spend more than a reflection on the type of bracelet you choose to use. You can opt for the delicate chain alone, or can opt for a larger design. If the wrists are quite thin and small, I suggest you go for an integrated design. A gemstone bracelet also do the trick! (Just make sure the band is not so large that rolled to the elbow!) If you are on the healthy side, opt for a delicate bracelet with a clasp.

A pin
Outmoded? If you do not know how to use it! A brooch will add a very distinctive flavor of a wedding dress otherwise plain. Brooches can seem a thing of the past - but do not speak 'vintage' here? Brooches are good at solving setbacks cabinet also ... though honestly and sincerely hope you do not have it! To add a personal touch and unique characteristic pin, why not go to a bronze or silver rather than gold brooch regular? A bronze brooch is quite unique in a wedding dress was white. If you do not want the clip is too flashy, try to include in the design aspects - that adds shine and sparkle in the design without adding the stones. You can even bear the cost of that!