Antique Jewelry Aftercare

Antique jewelry aftercare

Along with cleaning, proper storage of jewelry is equally important to keep it looking bright and stunning. You also have to keep your antique jewelry out of all these substances, which may have a detrimental effect on it. Some important aspects of antique jewelry care are:
Antique Jewelry Aftercare
* Ancient Jewelry should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. The temperature change can loosen the bond between the stone and the tail may fall. Cracks often develop in some gemstones due to high temperature.
* Store each piece of antique jewelry in jewelry boxes separately. If you keep them together, get rubbed against each other and scratches can appear on its surface. If you must store in the same box, put each of them in a soft pouch to avoid direct contact with each other.
* When using the antique jewelry, make sure they do not come in contact with the bath soap, perfumes, hair spray, body lotion, makeup, etc. These substances form an opaque film on the surface of jewelry that is very difficult to remove.
Antique jewelry
* Avoid doing household chores in their old jewelry. Regular household cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause great damage to jewelry.
* Inspect your jewelry regularly to check for signs of damage. Use a magnifying glass for a closer look at the stones. If you find any loose fitting jewelry should take it away for repair.